What To Look for In a Reusable Coffee Cup

If you are starting to feel guilty about your daily coffee fix that comes in disposable cups, don’t because you could still enjoy your one cup (or more) of coffee without harming the environment by investing in a good reusable coffee cup.

There are several factors you need to consider and think about before you go looking for a reusable coffee cup since there are thousands to choose from. When you know what you truly want and you are informed of the most suitable reusable coffee cup for your need, it would be easier for you to make an informed choice.

The material

If your primary concern is using an eco coffee cup, then you need to look for a reusable cup that is the most sustainable. Even if they are reusable, they would still serve their purpose and you would need to throw them and replace them after using for a long time. For the shortest decomposition time, reusable coffee cups made out of bamboo is your best bet.

The load

Some are turned off with bringing reusable coffee cup because they could be a heavy load especially for commuters. Reusable coffee cups made out of glass may not be the best option for you although they are easy to clean, does not stain and does not affect the taste of the coffee. Plastic reusable coffee cups are light but they absorb flavour and odour. Some plastic materials don’t react to hot liquids as well since they could release some harmful chemicals that is dangerous to your health.

The insulation

When it comes to keeping your coffee warm for a long time, go for a reusable coffee cup that is made out of ceramic. They are also easy to clean and microwave safe. They come in various styles and designs although their frailty could be a disadvantage to those with clumsy hands or would want to have their coffee to go.

Flavours are also retained in ceramic so if you don’t want any other taste interfering with your coffee, make sure that you only use the cup for coffee. Another material that is renowned for their insulation capabilities is stainless steel. They are also versatile and could double as travel mugs since they are durable. Although they could affect the taste and smell of your coffee.

The price

Reusable coffee cups made out of melamine are considered to be the most affordable even if they are also good insulators but without scalding your hand, could easily be cleaned by hand or via dishwasher. Although they seem to be the whole package, coffee in a reusable coffee cup made out of melamine should not be heated since there is a chemical compound that could seep harmful chemicals into your drink.

In the end, every reusable coffee cup has their own merits and demerits and you just need to weigh the pros against the cons to determine which one is more suitable for your needs.




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