Vinyl vs Timber Wall Cladding

In the modern era, wall cladding has become ever so popular, especially in terms of protecting walls and ensuring their strength and stability for over a number of years. With this said, most people tend to either choose between timber and vinyl when it comes to the materiel of their cladding system, whether it be internal or external. While both of these have their benefits the more popular opinion would be that vinyl is a better type of materiel which suits its purpose very well. While the material of your cladding system, mainly depends on which purpose you need it for, the traditional use for timber has declined over the last few years and has given way for a more practical and efficient solution of using vinyl cladding systems.

Here are a few other reasons as to why people tend to choose vinyl over timber when trying to choose the best type of cladding material for their homes.


Timber/wood could be used for a considerably long period of time, given that it is untouched by any sort of pests or natural elements. Unfortunately, this is the reality and purpose of wall cladding systems, and sadly after a period of time wood will start to give way to problems which may prove to be expensive to fix. Issues, such as pesky termites as well as severe deterioration due to heavy rain and extreme sunlight could be one of the many pains of maintaining timber based cladding systems. On the other hand, vinyl would not have any of these problems. They are resistant to sunlight and rain, and also do not attract pests which make sit useable for a longer period of time. Thus in the long run, it would be more practical and less expensive to use vinyl as a material for your cladding system.


In terms of maintenance, all you need to do to ensure that vinyl is kept in tip top shape is a bit of dusting and cleaning every now and then. Timber on the other hand would keep you occupied as you will have to continuously re-oil, re-paint and fill in cracks to keep them in a functioning state. Thus in the long run, vinyl cladding systems could prove to be more convenient.


The appearance of your cladding system completely depends on the type of environment that you want to install them in. For example, Exe Panels cladding has systems to suit your every purpose. But if you really want a natural finish, you’re better off with choosing timber wall cladding systems. If you want to install it in a more modern space, then vinyl is definitely the way to go. It really depends on where you need to install it.


The costs of purchasing vinyl and timber cladding systems are the same. However, in terms of maintenance, you might see your bill skyrocket when trying to use Timber.

Thus in conclusion, it would be more suitable to use vinyl for your cladding purposes, but at the end of the day, it really depends on the environment and setting that you wish to install it in.




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