Transform Dull Concrete Floor into a Work Of Art

A lot of homeowners love concrete flooring due to its durability and versatility in style. Aside from the wide array of hues to choose from, it can also be designed with borders and stamps to enhance its look. Transforming dull concrete is one of the best ways to upgrade the look of our home or business establishment. Here are the ways on how to do it.

Stained Concrete

One easy way to add colour to dull concrete floors is staining. Acid staining infuses colour right into the concrete to give it a long lasting colour that never fades. Stained concrete floors are commonly used on areas where you want to add a touch of luxury or class. Concrete staining may vary in design depending on how it was applied. You can make your floor resemble a marble, natural stone or wooden finish through staining technique.

Dyeing and Other Topical Colours

Another way to make your floor more attractive is to add topical colour on it. Concrete paints are different on those you use on the walls since they don’t peel when applied to porous concrete. Its formulation doesn’t trap moisture within the cement to avoid blistering. Water-based stains have more colour range than acid stains but they provide the same long lasting colour on the concrete. Concrete dyes are different from stains because they don’t react with concrete. Instead, they infuse into the surface and produce a more uniform colour. Contact us for all your coloured concrete Brisbane needs.


Concrete stencilling is another way of beautifying your floor. This process uses a die cut stencil pattern which is placed securely on a floor’s surface. Colour is then added to the surface followed by creating textures. Modern floor stencils are much more complex and decorative; from simple brick design to fleur-de-lis, you’ll surely find a pattern that suits your theme.


Polished concrete is popular to homeowners and designers who want a no-wax flooring material yet still have the sheen they want. It can be used to update old floors but you can also do it immediately on new ones. With the help of machineries, you can actually control the level of sheen you want from satin to high gloss. They can also be stained if you want to achieve a marble or polished stone finish. Concrete polishing requires expertise to achieve best results so it’s better to hire a professional concrete polishing contractor to do the job.

Dazzle with Metallic Coatings

Adding metallic sheen to a floor gives it a more contemporary look. Metallic epoxy floors contain real metallic powders that give the floors a real coppery, silvery, bronze and other shimmery metals.

Coating for Garage Floors

Garage floor coatings are epoxy-based and are made to resist regular wear. Aside from making the garage look more pleasing, it also protects the floor by making it resistant to tire marks and other damaging factors. You may also enhance it with decorative quartz for an upscale appeal.

There’s no need to get stuck with the boring grey concrete when you have all these techniques to make it look better.




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