Top Reasons Why Your Drain Is Constantly Blocked

One of the most annoying, not to mention, messy issues our house could have is a blocked drain. When a drain is blocked, it feels like your movement is hampered. You could not wash your face on the bathroom sink or you have to use the plunger after someone else took a shower otherwise you’d end up with a small pool in your bathroom. Washing dishes could also be a pain if it’s your kitchen drain is clogged.

There are numerous culprits for a constantly blocked drain and avoiding these or properly handling the disposal of these wastes could help your drain be in tip-top shape.


Hair is the number one reason why our bathroom drain is always clogged. Avoiding it being clogged because of hair is actually easy if everyone who takes a shower in the bathroom would clean up afterward. By doing so, there would be less build up of hair in the drain. You could also purchase some drain covers to prevent hair and other small debris to clog your drain. Of course, there are also drain spiders which you could also use to remove hair from your drain before it gets clogged. Maintain your drain clean and clog free with constant maintenance and checking. 


Since hair is the number one culprit for bathroom drain clogs, grease is for the kitchen drain. Grease and fat build up is common for kitchen drain and more difficult to clean than hair since this build up is usually in the linings of the pipe and could take time before it is noticeable, once the build up is thick enough and waste water could not pass through the drain anymore. Unlike with hair which could be removed by our hands after every shower, grease is different since it is liquid and would only become solid after cooling down and enough accumulation.

Avoiding greasy build up is also easy. It might take effort but it is considerably better than getting blocked drain repairs. Don’t pour out grease and oil in your kitchen sink. If you could recycle cooking oil, do so. After frying one egg, keep used oil in a jar and use it again to fry your breakfast the next day. If you really have to dispose of used oil, put it in a container and dispose of it with your other garbage

Tissues And Other Disposables

Although this is a big no-no, there are still those who disposed of used tissues and worse, other used and disposable feminine and baby products by flushing them down the toilet. This is the number one cause of clogged toilet drains. These items since they are made up of absorbent materials would not disintegrate, instead would absorb more water as time passed by and would become enlarged effectively blocking the drain. This could be avoided by making sure there are bins and wastebasket in the bathroom near the toilet to encourage proper disposal. 

Broken Pipes

This is another cause of clogged drains. Since pipes are usually hidden in plain sight, it is easy to forget about them. As responsible homeowners, it is our duty to have periodic maintenance check of all parts of our homes to avoid any issues.

Ensuring every pipe in our home is clog free is actually easy if we follow all preventive measures. It is better to be safe than sorry unless we want to be mopping wet floors and undergoing home repairs and renovations because of water damage.




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