Tips for Timber Floor Maintenance

If you are thinking about installing a timber floor in your house, one of the key considerations should be maintenance. There are different products and methods that can be sued for maintenance. Timber floors have remained a popular flooring solution because of the timelessness and the elegance that it imparts to a space.

You will be able to get information on timber floor maintenance from Euro Style floors as well when you are browsing for a product. Make sure you tell the supplier about your requirements so that they can recommend a type of flooring that will suit your lifestyle. You need to carry out regular maintenance for timber floors. Most of the time, when it comes to flooring in high traffic areas, there is a lot of dust and grime that can accumulate on the top of the floor. And whenever you walk on top of the floor, these particles can scratch the surface of the floor and cause damage. So you need to make sure that there is a mat before you get into the house so that most of the sand and grit is removed from footwear before coming in. But just putting on a mat is not enough. You need to clean it regularly to make sure that it is free of debris so that it does a good job of cleaning footwear.

You can also use rugs and mats in the kitchen and living room. Temperature and humidity can affect the appearance of wood floors. Another factor that affects appearance is direct sunlight. When timber floor planks are exposed to direct sunlight, it can cause gapping and fading. You can use curtains, blinds and awnings above your patio to ensure that only filtered sunlight enters the home. Whenever a spill occurs, you need to wipe it immediately. You also have to place floor protectors on the legs of the furniture that comes into contact with the hardwood floor. If the floor protectors are not there, there will be scratches caused by moving the furniture around. You need to be careful of your floor if you have pets. Make sure that you keep your pets’ nails trimmed so that less damage is done when they walk on the timber floor.

When it comes to a newly finished floor, you need to wait until the finish has hardened completely before you place rugs and mats on the floor. You should avoid chairs that have castor wheels during this curing period as it can damage the floor. You need to have a regular cleaning procedure to keep up the condition of the floor. You can use an antistatic mop for regular cleaning. Other items you can use are vacuum cleaners and brooms. You can carry out damp mopping once in two weeks or once a month. This will ensure an in depth cleaning. You can use a dedicated wood floor cleaning product or a product that is recommended by the supplier or finish manufacturer. You have to avoid steam cleaning as it will cause the top finish to peel.




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