Tips for Setting up a Landscape Lighting System

Dreaming if a beautiful garden having that lights up like Disney World at night? Outdoor lighting is necessary for both security and aesthetic purposes. Landscape lighting serve a practical purpose like illuminate pathways outside the home. It’s also great for creating moods and decorating outdoor areas. If you have any plans to install a great landscape lighting system, here are several tips to get started with:

Look Up Existing Set Ups for Inspiration

You may have a vague idea about what you want for the outdoor lighting system. However, you need a solid plan before you actually start installing lights. Placing an LED bulb on the porch doesn’t cut it. To best understand how outdoor lighting should be placed and all the possibilities available, look up what others have already done. You can check out excellent outdoor lighting ideas online, in magazines, or on social media sites like Pinterest. You can get a good idea about what you can do and what you should do by looking at what the pros have done.

Buy the Right Type of Lights

It’s easy to choose fixtures and colours for the lights. But you need to think about the type of light bulbs as well. For outdoors, the lighting fixtures, bulbs, and everything else you install would be vulnerable to the elements. Therefore, you would need to purchase weatherproof fixtures. Bulbs should also be suited for outdoor use. You can decide whether you want LED bulbs or halogens for the landscape. And don’t forget things like voltage requirements and special features, such as auto turn off.

Purchase Other Necessary Supplies

Most homeowners spend a lot of time pouring over the kid of bulbs to buy; they nearly forget all the other items they would need to set up the system. Mainly, think about the cables, wires, and plug points your lighting system would need. You would have to purchase the right electrical supplies online that meets your budget. Just like with bulbs, you would need plug points and cables that are weatherproof. Choose equipment suited just for outdoor use.

Hire a Professional Electrician

Setting up an electrical system that requires wiring of any kind is not a DIY project. Unless you are an electrician yourself, you would need to hire a qualified electrical in your area. The professional will create a wiring map and advise you on how to safely set up the wiring system. Because you are essentially setting up the system outdoors, some landscape work might be in order to install wires underground. You should only make these decisions consulting with a professional electrician.

Consult with a Landscape Designer

Though not necessary, you can also consult with a landscape designer regarding how to set up the lighting system in the most pleasing manner. Landscape designers can also give you advise on where to dig and where not to. You can learn about how to best keep the system safe from the elements and how to reduce the hazard risk of having live wires outdoors.

Once you set it up, an outdoor landscape lighting system would add excellent value to your home. Use the above tips to do it the right way without making a fatal mistake.


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