The Importance of Lighting in a Living Space

The kind of lighting that is present in a space will communicate volumes about it to any guest. Think about it how different a room is in complete and total light and in complete and utter darkness? Its almost as if they’re two completely different rooms. One is warm and inviting and the other is gloomy and foreboding. The savvy interior designer will understand the importance of this and pay particular attention to this.

So, knowing that lighting is important is one thing, but actually implementing it is a completely different story. How are you supposed to know the best options for lighting and actually set it up within your space? Well, that’s where commercial lighting suppliers come in. They have a team of experts on the line at all times, ready and waiting to help you out.

Now you may be asking why we need to pay any attention to lighting at all. Basically, lighting is a biological system that the body uses to gauge the time of day. In summation, good lighting can basically change everything about your body. Proper lighting has a wide variety of benefits, It can help define your sleep schedule and it can work wonders for your overall mood. To healthy sleep that is. Not the kind that leaves you tired when you get up in the morning. And surprisingly, a well-lit environments will help keep your spirits up and keep anxiety and depression at bay, while improving your cognitive speed. Yes, you heard right. Lighting can make you smarter.

So how does this impact your life?

Basically, we’re trying to say that you need to pay attention to it. And it should be addressed from the get-go. Make sure if you’re just getting around to designing your living/ working space that you’re having conversations with your architect, interior designer and electrician to make sure everyone’s on the same wavelength.

Increasing the amount of space available

So, lighting can’t really increase the space of a room, but it can certainly give the illusion of that. Without appropriate lighting a space is likely to feel small and cramped. By increasing the amount of light present in a space, shadows will be eliminated and create a better environment. If you really want to take it to the next level, don’t rely on a single source of light for the room. Consider multiple sources of light and manipulate them to create the perfect environment. This practice is called ‘layered lighting’ and can really set off your room.

Increasing productivity

Productivity can really improve your productivity because better lighting will make you feel awake and alert, as opposed to sleepy due to poor lighting. This point applies mostly for office environments, but home offices also need to be wary of this fact because poor lighting will always contribute negatively to both productivity and wellbeing.

These benefits are to be strived for in every environment if we really wish to make a difference in our lives. Lighting has an incredible ability to affect your mood, the shape and size if any room and deserves our fullest attention.




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