Must-Have Tools for Your Toolbox

Many homeowners love doing home projects on their own. Whether it is a minor repair or a home improvement project, doing something for your home is really a rewarding thing to do. If you’re still starting out, the first thing you need to do is to assemble your very own toolbox. You’ll need it to do all those projects properly and more efficiently. If you’re not sure where to start, here are the must-have tools that are commonly used when doing home projects.

Small Tools

Before you proceed in collecting those power tools, you need to start with the basic small ones first. Get your toolbox and put in small yet essential tools such as measuring tape, Allan keys, electrical tape, builder’s pencil, knife, pliers and an adjustable wrench. These are the common tools used in almost any kinds of home repairs.

Hammer and Screwdriver

To drive in those nails or screws, you’ll need a good hammer and screwdriver to do the job. These two tools are very useful when you’re installing or fastening things together. A 12 oz hammer is usually recommended but you can go for other sizes that fit perfectly in your grip. Since there are different types of screws, it is important that you also have the two basic kinds of screwdriver – the flat head and Phillips’s screwdriver.

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is one of the basic power tools you should have in your toolbox. It makes it easier to drive nails and screws into hard surfaces with the use of a drill. A cordless drill is better and more convenient to use that a regular hand drill. Since it is cordless, you can use it anywhere as long as you have its batteries charged up. If you’re looking for a good drill for your toolbox, check out this Makita drill combo sets.


If you’re into woodwork, a saw is one of the most used tools in your toolbox. There are different types of saw depending on the type of job you’re going to do. For instance, if you’re only doing small cutting jobs then a bow and toolbox saw can already do the task. If you need more cutting power, a jigsaw is great to start with. If you’re going to do bigger jobs like wooden flooring or decking, you should opt for a mitre or circular saw.


Almost all surfaces that has to be repainted needs to be sanded down first before application. Having a sander tool in your toolbox is really helpful especially when you’re planning to repaint your home to refresh its look. You can also use a sander to make a surface smoother before applying anything on it – lacquer, paint, varnish, etc.

When you have these tools in your toolbox, you can do your DIY projects faster and more efficiently. You could also add other tools that you think you’ll be using a lot depending on the type of projects that you usually do. 




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