Modern Design Ideas for Living Room Windows

Since our lifestyles keep changing with time, why not change your home to fit in with the changing times? Everyday more and more new ideas are brought up by interior designers to make houses look modern and fit into contemporary styles including designs and decorations for walls, furniture, windows and doors etc. Here are some such ideas you can try on your living room windows to bring a brand new look to your home too.

Have Space for Light

If placed right, the windows can be used to control the lighting of the living room. Since the living rooms will be the first impression anyone entering the house will get and the place where you will be spending most of your time during the day, making it look spacious and illuminated is necessary. This will give a pleasant, relaxing mood to the place. Make sure the windows can deliver natural light as much as possible. Especially keep this fact in mind when choosing window planes or glasses for the windows.

Promote Indoor Air Quality

The placement of the windows matters a lot in creating a good ventilation in the house. Make sure the placement of the windows and the furniture does not cover the windows. However, it is not just about keeping the windows open. Depending on the interior design of the house, you may want to include roof windows as well for good ventilation system. This will help in creating a good air regulation system inside the house as well.

Choose the Right Style

There are many styles of modern windows you can choose; the trick is to choose what suits the room the best depending on its other qualities such as the interior space and light. If you want to add a bit of space to the place bay windows are the best. To get the best of natural light and breeze awning windows or sky-light windows can be chosen. Louvered windows are also ideal to control the light and breeze. Some other modern styles you can choose from are double hung windows, casement windows, sliding window, bi-fold windows, fixed windows and geometric windows.

Get the Right Drapes

After choosing the window style, then it is time to decorate it or add the final touch with the drapes. For the living room, since you want more light go for more sheer curtains that allow sunlight. Before choosing the curtains to measure the light and the width of the window. This can avoid you having uneven, too short or too lengthy curtains.  To get a more spacey vibe to the place opt for lightweight fabrics. For a little bit of extra décor and protection for the curtain you can choose valances and curtain lining.

Remember that the windows too influence the kind of appearance or the atmosphere you want to create in your living room, just as your furniture, paint and wallpaper and all the living room decorative trinkets. Consult your interior designer if you are unsure of what to choose or how to choose the right style.


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