Know the Various Types of Blinds for Your Windows

Window blinds are window coverings that are made up of horizontal or vertical slats that use a control system to open or close the slats. The control system could be controlled either manually by rotating a pole or electronically via the use of a remote. Materials used for blinds also vary such as wood, metal, plastic or even bamboo that is tied together by cords.

More homeowners prefer window blinds since installing one transforms a room to being contemporary since the designs come in different styles, colours and patterns and are up to date with the trends. A lot of these homeowners also find them easy to maintain as long as they are kept dust free and could be cleaned even if they are hanging up. Blinds also took up less space since they are not chunky and uncluttered. Wanting to have more sunlight in or to just look at the view outside is easy since the blinds could just be rolled up or rolled to the side.

If the above reasons already convinced you to get blinds, knowing what kind would help you eliminate the stress of being overwhelmed since there is a wide selection of window blinds are currently available in the market.

Venetian Blinds

Of all the types of blinds, Venetian blinds are the most common. The horizontal blinds are either made out of plastic, wood or aluminium dangling by cords, which could be rotated so the slats could be separated to let light enter the room. Venetian blinds are a classic and have been popular since the 1930s. Because of this, this type of blinds is timeless and is trendy and stylish even for years to come.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the opposite of venetian blinds since as the name suggests, the slats are vertical instead of horizontal. Also known as louvre blinds, they are recommended for large windows or even sliding doors. Since they are made vertically, the chances of these blinds collecting dust is comparatively smaller compared to venetians.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are made from fabric that when the cords are raised, the fabrics fold to turn into pleats. Some of the materials used for this type of blind is linen, silk, cotton or synthetics. Homeowners opt for this kind of blind because they are easy to navigate especially when controlling the light that is entering the room or even a complete blackout if preferred. Merchants are knowledgeable about the range of blinds in penrith and could provide you with professional advice as to the type suitable for your windows.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are called as such because the fabric or material is fitted in a roller that rolls up with the use of a spring or a chain. Since the roller blinds do not use slats, the material easily wrap up around the aluminium cylinder when it is rolled up to provide light inside the room.

Panel Blinds

Panel blinds differ from other types of blinds since the mechanism for these blinds is to glide from the left to right. Because of this, these blinds are used not only for window coverings but also as room dividers and as sliding doors. A lot of homeowners with limited spaces, prefer these blinds to serve as doors since instead of swinging, they could just slip in and out. These blinds are also recommended for those with small children since the blinds open and close with a wheel sliding system, not with a cord that might be dangerous if played with by a child.




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