Items To Include In Your Teenage Daughter’s Room

Time flies fast when you suddenly find yourself being a parent to a teenage girl. Yes, all children grow and whenever they do, they commonly need new stuff to satisfy their needs. For one, she might need some privacy so she’ll want a room of her own. Even though she shares a close tie with her sibling roommate, it does not change the fact that she will still want her room to have a little privacy. As you help redesign her room, here are the important elements that must be present in her new room.


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. This adage holds true in designing a teen girl’s new room. The primary rule is that your daughter should include those items that she finds beautiful. For example, if your daughter finds beauty in arts, then include a painting, photographs, or prints. It can be a sculpture that you can put on display, a painting that you can hang on the wall, a photograph that you have recently taken, a text that inspires you every day – it can be anything, really. Let your teenage daughter choose. After all, it is her room that you are designing.


A room with terrible lighting is just the most awful thing in the world. A dark room is only beneficial if you are asleep. However, while you are awake, you will want to have a well-lit room, of course, so you can easily work on the stuff that you need. Nowadays, having pin lights is the trend. Not only does it add lighting, but it also provides some drama in your room. A typical square room could have four (4) to six (6) pin lights depending on the size of the room. Apart from a ceiling light or chandelier is added in the middle.


Your room tells everything about the owner. It should depict your daughter’s personality. So if she likes dressing up, then you should have a dressing table where she can apply make-up. If she’s a bookworm, then have a bookshelf and reading nook for her. If she plays an instrument, have a touch of music in the room. You don’t have to place the instrument in the room, particularly if it’s a grand piano which will not easily fit unless you have a super big room. These items, however, add some personality into her room and allows anyone to easily identify that that specific room is hers.


Apart from all the aesthetic aspects of your daughter’s room, it remains important that you should never sacrifice the function. Make sure that you have everything that you need from storage cabinets to study desks – everything. Remember that you should never sacrifice the functional aspect of your room, and prioritize the aesthetics. Yes, it will look nice but, at the end of the day, you will not enjoy it because it does not serve you anything.

Make sure that your teenage daughter’s room is not only beautiful but also has enough lighting and personality. Most importantly, it should be functional for her to use on a daily basis.




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