Interior Designing Tips for Beginners

Regardless of where you live, be it a city, in the suburbs or in a village we always want our home to be as nice and appealing as possible. When you do enter a room that has been perfectly designed in a proper manner gives you the appeal to just stay there and enjoy the ambience, something like a well-directed movie. We do understand that interior designers have spent their entire lives trying to achieve the perfect harmony of design and maybe it might be difficult to replicate it. A beginner might not be able to achieve that perfect look but some simple things can be done to make you house look a little but more classy.

The Floor

The floor is the main part of the house. It has to both look and feel nice to walk on. For example the living room may have a wooden theme. There are some really nice places that do engineered timber flooring Melbourne. They have many different designs to match the theme of your room and the best part is it’s so easy to clean up.

Select the Right Sofa

Everybody knows that sofas are the heart of any living room and it is important that it is just right. Not just the right size, but also has to be the right colour, right shape and most of all it has to feel comfortable. Make sure you pay extra attention to the quality of the fabric of the sofa. These can be real expensive. I wouldn’t suggest to go for the cheapest option, but at least go for something reasonable with the best possible quality.

A Proper Rug

After putting in so much effort to buy the right furniture it is painstaking to see a small rug underneath. A small rug completely spoils the look. Yes large rugs can be expensive and a huge commitment to make but it is one of the most crucial element of a perfect living room

Perfect Lighting Is a Must

Having a well-lit place is essential to see the details of the house. But with that being said we tend to usually put white lights all around the house thinking it lights up the room well and makes it bright. Although that is true it complete takes off the dramatic effect of the room. For example the living room needs to have a cosier, relaxed atmosphere where you could just watch TV, or read a book. So bright white light will be overpowering. Best thing to keep here would be lamps with bulbs that emit the orange light. That will be the best here.

Curtains for the Perfect Look

Always go for long, high hanging drapes. Ideally they say that the curtain rods should be mounted at least 5-6 inches below the roof. This creates an illusion of the room being much bigger than it really is.

As said before, interior design is an art more like filmmaking, cooking which doesn’t really follow a list of things to be done in a particular order. The best interior designers always decorate the according to their type of personality. While we cannot completely emulate these professionals. We could at least start somewhere to make our house nicer.


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