Innovations In Construction and Building Industry That Changed the Whole Industry

Since the dawn of man’s ability to talk, think, and create for himself, we have come a long way in terms of our ability to harness the utility of the resources around us for our own needs. We have become one of the most environment-altering animals that has ever walked the earth. One of the prime examples is the ability of man to create a home from himself.

It just started with a cave, and now we have condominiums and skyscrapers racing in terms of buildings, each taking its turn building their own name reaching for the sky.  As a species we have somehow reached almost the zenith of our capacity to build, almost. Here are more innovations in constructions that seems to make more promises in our capability to build and construct.


In just over a couple of days in China, a 30-storey building was constructed and finished complete with pipes, water systems, and even electrical wiring, and they were able to do it through the method of prefabricating parts of the house and assembling it throughout the entire construction period.

This method is highly practical in terms of time and resources because almost all parts of a building is made before the start of the construction, unlike common practices that all parts are made on site. This method of building infrastructures is considered one of the breakthroughs in modern-day building.  The finished projects, according to experts, are strong and can even withstand earthquakes and other harsh environmental factors.

Modern Materials

With the modernizing of the construction methods, the materials used today are way more advanced than what was used decades earlier. To name a few, we now have light concrete blocks that ear easy to install, are fire resistant and so light that it can float on water yet strong enough to hold a structure. Other materials also include quick dry cements, waterproofing paints, and even self-healing concretes. People at Robson concreting services are using these materials in terms on concreting with every specific need of each client.

3D Printing

With the development of the 3D printer and the proof of its capacity to produce and print more than plastic materials, engineers were quick to pick up on its promising use in the area of building construction. 3D printed parts are now available for those who has new ideas that are still not available on the market, and instead of paying extra for the manufacturer to fabricate it they just 3D prints the whole project.

Building Modelling

Infrastructure modelling are now available not only on paper and blueprints but also on apps and computer programs. Now clients, architects, and engineers can have a clearer perspective on specific details of a house or building. And because it can be readily rendered, any changes are deemed to be very easy because of the availability of these apps. Clients can now advice on major changes starting with the digital model rather than the actual one.

With what we achieved so far, there are more to be discovered and innovated in terms of building and construction. These amazing feat in construction is unmatched by any civilization so far.




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