Ideas for Romantic Outings in and around Sydney

Thinking about where to spend time in Sydney with your significant other? Here are some fantastic ideas to entertain:

Cruise around the Famous Harbour

Sydney’s most famous landmark, its stunning harbour, is hands down one of the top places to enjoy a romantic outing. Even if the area may seem overcrowded with modern entrapments like the public ferry, there are still plenty of natural wonders to explore in the area. The waterfront is 21 square miles in size and hides breathtaking coves and inlets you can explore on a boat hire Sydney Harbour tour. Other iconic sights also include the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. The opera house is illuminated at night and looks just as gorgeous as the Eiffel Tower. The sights at the harbour during day or night are perfect for couples on outings.

Go on a Coastal Walk

The scenic coastal walk between the Bondi beach and Congee is perfect for couples to go on a long stroll in relative privacy. You two can enjoy the incomparable beach scenery, talk, and hold hands without any care in the world. The coastal walk is not all beaches. Along the way, there are historical places to tour and swimming holes for a relaxing stop. There are also plenty of cafes and eateries to take a break at. This is also one of the cheapest options to go on a date without losing any of the magic.

Tackle the Federation Cliff Walk Together

The couple that hikes together, stays together. If you two love outdoor activities but want a quieter place to enjoy the nature, the Federation Cliff hiking trail is an excellent option. The walking trail extends north towards Bondi. Along the way are verdant panoramas that you can enjoy with your significant other without hordes of tourists surrounding you both. The views are amazingly romantic and seems made just for couples.

Watch Dolphins at Port Stephens

Romantic outings get even better with cute animals. Head over the Port Stephens, only a short drive from the city, to spend time at the breathtaking bay. Several pods of dolphins call Port Stephens home. Unlike most dolphin tour areas, sightings at this bay are not necessarily seasonal. You can reliably bank on a pod of dolphins swimming by your boat any time of the year. There’s a swimming spot here too. You and your muse can also go snorkelling and diving. The adventure is perfect for a romantic weekend getaway.

Head over to Hunter Valley for a Wine Tour

If you two are not particularly the outdoorsy type, then try a day trip to the famous Hunter Valley. Australia’s oldest wine growing region has over 150 vineyards, many of which participate in wine tasting tours. You and your loved one can hole up in a vineyard lodge or a hotel to enjoy wine, jaw-dropping scenery, and much needed time personal time together.

Impress Your Other Half with White Sand Beaches

Jarvis Bay, a day trip from the city, has white sand beaches recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. It doesn’t get more romantic than these stunning beaches. The location is perfect for a lazy weekend enjoying the beach, swimming, fine dining, and just enjoying each other’s company.

Which of the above suggestions do you think is the most romantic?




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