How You Can Restore Your Home to Its Former Glory

Lately, have you been noticing your house’s wear and tear? Signs of being worn down have been becoming more prominent over the years and you can’t help but think back to the glory days when you first moved in! Everything was in peak form and if you’re wondering if there’s a way to get it back, then rest assured because there absolutely is! Go through these next few steps to restore your home its former glory in no time:


If your home is old (in the sense a heritage home), then it probably has a rich architectural history. Preserve this as much as possible because it’s primarily what gives your house more depth. Rather than destroy this completely merely give the house a makeover.


The first step to restoration is the renovation of everything going wrong in your household. Renovation projects definitely need planning so make sure to do your research beforehand. Set out a budget and allocate ten percent of it for emergencies so that you aren’t caught off guard at any point and don’t have to stop the project because of lack of money.


Your upholstery is probably well and truly stained and scuffed by now. Make sure to vacuum the fabric and each time you clean, make it a habit to switch the cushions the other way around. If there’s a stubborn stain, use a strong stain remover or hydrogen peroxide and clean it regularly till it fades.

Paint Job

You’d be surprised at how much those tiny dings on the wall contribute to the worn down appearance your house has. Hire painters in Maryborough to fix your walls up and while you’re at it consider going for a new shade as well! Lighter or neutral colours always work well to make the space more airy.


You need to make your furniture positively gleam if you want that new feel. This gleam means you need to regularly polish all your wooden furniture. Keep in mind that the finish you use is very important. Depending on the material, you can use oils or wax and so on.


Removing the stains from the marble in your kitchen makes a remarkable difference in uplifting it. You’d have to do this immediately however if you want to clean it out thoroughly and efficiently. Sometimes when you’re cooking though you don’t stop to think about cleaning, and after you’re done you tend to be too tired and you forget about it so the stains sets in. it’ll be pretty difficult to remove once this happens and you just might have to call in a professional.


Regularly vacuuming your carpet won’t get you that far, unfortunately. You have to at least once in a  while invest in renting out a steam cleaner that will give your carpet a deep clean. Tip- do this one on a dry day so that it will dry up much faster.

Much of restoring your home to its former glory means that you have commit to regular maintenance. This means dusting, cleaning and polishing so make sure to put aside some time in your schedule for this.




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