How to Set Up an Eye-Catching Window Display

If you’re running a store or a shop, you know how important the window display is in attracting more customers to your business. The way you set up your storefront has a great impact on potential customers because simply looking at your display makes them decide whether to get inside and shop or just pass by. Your display should not only be attractive but also strong enough to compel passers-by to take a second look.

Whether you have a boutique, a bookshop or any other business, here are some proven and tested ways to create an eye-catching window display for your shop.

Create a Story

In setting up a store display, the first thing you have to do is to visualize a setup that conveys a story. Picking a specific theme for your display makes it look harmonious. Aside from that, you can also add props to make it look more interesting. Clear glass store windows are the best because they are easy to decorate plus the viewers can definitely see clearly what you have in display. At AAA Glass, we provide high quality glass for all your business needs.

Tempt the Viewers

With so many products on hand, it is really temping to put all your best stuff on display. However, it is not that effective because a fully stocked or cluttered up display doesn’t draw that much attention. Pick only a few interesting pieces and arrange them in a way that picks the viewer’s interest into getting inside your shop and exploring more of your products.

Eye Level Display

Everything is more noticeable when it is at eye level, so is your shop display. Make sure you set up your key element at the right level so the passers-by can notice it easily. Before you begin, try viewing your storefront from the outside to get a customer’s point of view. Take note of the certain spot where your attention is drawn and make it as the focal point when you’re setting up the display.


A well balanced display is more appealing to the eye. It doesn’t mean that your display should look symmetrical but rather a combination of contrasting things whether it is by size, colour and other factors. Avoid placing too much products on one side because it will surely look awkwardly unbalanced.

Apply Some Extras

Adding some extra stuff makes your display more interesting. If you have big clear store windows, adding vinyl film decorations make it even more eye-catching. You may also add props to the display that match its theme to add even more beauty to your display. Also, keep in mind that lighting is one of the critical factors in a great shop display. Make sure it draws the eye and highlights the key features of your shop display.

Creating an eye-catching display is possible even if you don’t have experience in design. Just keep these things in mind as you setup your shop display. Also, don’t forget to update it every 2 weeks to make it look fresh and new as always.




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