How to Open A Successful Coffee Shop?

Opening up a coffee shop includes a specific passion. You want to cater to the needs of the people and give them the best of something you’re passionate about- you want to run a successful coffee shop. But in the year 2019, you’ll be having some serious competition. Yet the industry is booming so if you manage to use up enough of your inner entrepreneurial genius, you might just make it happen! Here are some tips to help you along your way.

Business Plan

Have yourself a solid business plan by picking out a location, customer base, looking at competitors and coming up with some troubleshooting strategies to achieve your goals. By checking out your competitors, you’ll get a good idea of the prices and variety you’ll need in place to draw your customers in. Look for inspiration and ways to rise above your competitors. Else, how will you be any different? Your business plan should also outline your financial needs and initial expenses because it’ll take 6 months at the very least for your business to be profitable. Look at local funding sources from local investors to local banks.


Finding the right location can take time. This location will naturally have plenty of people passing through (i.e. centrally located). Looking for a used restaurant space will significantly reduce the amount you’ll have to spend on remodelling.


Firstly, you’re going to want to create a floor plan. That way you can figure out a comfortable seating area, a spacious waiting line and having employees comfortably in reach of all their materials. After you’ve ticked off everything on the functionality checklist, you then move on to building your aesthetic. Remember, comfortable couches, bistro- type tables and chairs as well as quirky wall art is a must. Try and opt for pastel shades or bright colour combinations and don’t forget to make your food look just as good as your interior. This is what will make you a social media success and increase the flow of customers coming your way. But you also need to have an exterior that is just as endearing. You can Check out these amazing awnings and also consider setting up a small chalkboard against your shop so people know exactly what you’ll be having on offer, and if there are any specials.


Striking a connection with the area and becoming a well-loved personality is a great way to secure business so network by joining up local associations or contributing towards local charities etc. Meet new people and constantly make a good impression. Your hard work will pay off.


Market your shop by giving out free samples to businesses or events happening in the area. Your strongest option, however, is to stir up an alluring social media presence. This will drag in a considerable number of customers and provided you have great products, will turn them into a loyal customer base. Also consider mailing coupons with discounts to local residents- no one ever likes to pass up discounted/ free products.

Also be mindful of the vendors you do business with. Select reputed trusted vendors so you won’t run into problems later on. And that’s it! With all these steps combined, you should be able to open a successful coffee shop!




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