How To Make Your Windows Stand Out

Dressing up your windows could be fun especially if you already have a fair idea on how to do it. But if you don’t, you might not have an idea of how to start deciding which type of window coverings is best for your windows, your family and of course your budget. There are different window treatments available in the market and the list below would enumerate these choices, and what suits on what window or house.

Window Curtains

Curtains are among the easiest and most affordable window covering there is. All you need is a fabric long and wide enough to cover your window, a rod sturdy enough, some hooks and or clips and you managed to change the whole look of a room. Choose a dark colored fabric and you could make your bedroom warm, cozy and dark enough to induce some deep and uninterrupted sleep. Choose a light colored fabric and you could make your living room a bright and inviting place for entertaining guests. Choose something colorful and it would be perfect for when your kid starts to learn all the different colors. Curtains are also changeable especially when you wanted to change your furniture, rugs and other textiles so at least everything is complimenting one another.

Window Blinds

Similar to curtains, blinds are also a favorite among homeowners. Not only that, but blinds are also the go-to window coverings for business establishments, stores and offices since they are practical. Not to mention functional in keeping the glare off of computer screens. Blinds, especially vertical blinds also provide sophistication and professionalism which is essential for any business offices. Although recommended for its many advantages, blinds are not advisable for homes with little children and pets since they could be easily mistaken for a plaything. Also constant tugging at the cords to open or close the slats could easily damage it. For a great selection of window blinds, head over to Blue Mountains, Penrith NSW.

Plantation Shutters

More elegant, durable and permanent compared to window curtains and window blinds, plantation shutters give a home a more contemporary and chic look. Reminiscent of boutiques and cafes in Europe, installing plantation shutters could easily give your home a more put together look. These window coverings have been proven as well to increase the value of properties where they are installed.

Window Shades

Similar to window blinds in terms of mechanism, window shades are different since shades are solid fabric. To put it simply, window shade is like a combination of curtains and blinds making it a perfect choice for those who could not choose between the two. Available in various styles, kinds, and materials, window shades suit various homeowners’ tastes. It could make a room casual or formal or relaxing or contemporary.

Much importance has not been given to choosing the most appropriate and fitting window coverings as long as it blocks out the sun, then its good. But, window coverings are so much more than that. They could actually tie up the look of a room together by simply being in agreement and in harmony with all the other elements in the room.




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