How To Keep Your Pool Clean

Pools were viewed as a luxury in the past but now are so common that it would be surprising to see the average house or apartment complex without one. However, even though it is aesthetically pleasing one must understand that pool maintenance plays a key role here. What most Pool owners don’t understand is this and the consequences are dire as they have to deal with fungi related issues and then spend a great deal of money on cleaning the pool. There is a solution however to this problem. That is , if you are the owner of a pool then what you can do is ensure that is cleaned in the following ways at regular periods of time. This will ensure that the pool will be clean at all times and you as the owner are not inconvenienced.

Add Chlorine

It becomes essential to add at least 1 to 3 ounces of chlorine ppm.  Chlorine can kill harmful bacteria and fungi and is essential to the maintenance and care of the pool at all given times. This is a fairly well-known method of pool maintenance and is practiced in almost all pool. However, today chlorine addition has also proved to be harmful , so if you are looking for an alternative, the ‘pool shock’ works just as well. It is essentially the process of oxidizing bacteria but without chlorine. With the pool shock you are adding calcium to the pools water.

Use A Filter

This option is something that a lot of pool owners do not know about and hence do not posses. However, over the years its use has been paramount. A filter is essentially used to purify water and that is exactly what sand filters Brisbane would do. It really is user-friendly and can be easily installed by you or by someone else. The sand in the filter is initially very rough but over time it does lose its roughness. However, you only have to worry about this once every twenty years. Thus, this truly is a time-effective option to keep your pool clean as well.

Constantly Check Your Water Level

The water level of a pool is always key, is it too high? Or is it too low? Is a question that you need to find yourself asking most of the time. Your pool needs to be at the center almost all the time. It is only then  that you can consider yourself a pioneer at pool maintenance. If the water level is too low, do not be disheartened you are always provided with the option of investing in a water pump that will ensure to act when the level is low.

Physically Clean Your Pool

Grab some nets and some gloves and get ready to get swooping into your pool space. This is the right option to choose especially if your pool is nestled against a big tree that seems to shed its leaves all the time. Insects, leaves and flowers will almost always seem to float around so be sure to fish them out and have your pool looking neat and nice! Happy pool cleaning !




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