How To Choose A Bar Stool For Your Kitchen?

If you are thinking of having a bar counter in your kitchen, you are thinking correctly since it is a great location to host guests and unwind after a long day at work, especially if you have a fondness for drinking and entertaining. Once the bar counter is already completed, the next item on your to-do list should be selecting the appropriate bar stool.

Bar stools are useful, aesthetically beautiful, trendy, and are gradually becoming a more popular option than normal stools. There are many different kinds of bar stools available on the market. The following five pointers will assist you in selecting the most appropriate bar stool for your bar counter.


The first and foremost consideration in choosing the most appropriate bar stool is the height. The height of your bar stools should match the height of your kitchen counter. You could do so by determining the height of your bar counter from top to bottom.

Generally, the difference should be plus or minus 300 mm which is the general height difference on dining sets and work desks. It is a comfortable difference that we are already used to. This height difference though is not applicable to bar stools with armrests since you need to factor in the height of the armrests as well and if it will fit under your kitchen counter.


Different bar stool has its own set of features that cater to different tastes. Backless bar stools are preferred by some because they are easier to use and sit into, while others prefer bar stools with armrests and backrests because they make sitting into more comfortable. Some people prefer swivel bar stools which has a rotating seat. What unique features you want your bar stool to have is purely a question of personal opinion as long as they match the height of your bar counter.


Bar stools might not be the focal point of your home, but they could dramatically improve the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen or dining room. Some luxury bar stools in Australia evoke a sense of sophistication and glamour depending on the vibe you are trying to set in your kitchen.

Since there are hundreds of designs for bar stools that you could choose from, you only need to make sure that the design of the stools complements and not clash with the design of the kitchen counter and of your dining room.


If you prefer bar stools in block solid colours, go for bar stools in subdued and light colours. Bar stools in white, black, and light brown are flexible and easy to match. Most bar counters’ style and designs go well with these neutral colours. Although choosing a bar stool in bold colour is also a good option and could serve as an accent piece.

Bar stools are functional but resist the urge to acquire too many bar stools and wind up with a cluttered kitchen counter. Purchase the exact number of stools you require, based on the space of your counter.




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