How Do You Prepare A Home for Painting?

If you’re getting your home painted, there is a range of things you should do to prepare your home. In this article, we’ll be running through them. So, keep reading.

Create A Space

Most probably, you’ve hired a team of painters to tend to your property. Although they’ll get the job done as effectively as possible, they will bring a range of equipment and supplies to your home. These things can’t be stored anywhere as they require a very specific space.

So, you would need to prepare a room for the painters to keep their stuff. If not, your home would be a mess.

Keep Your Kids at Bay

The paint is most likely toxic. This is the unfortunate truth as the majority of paints on the market are full of a range of poisonous compounds. This is why painters wear safety gear when at work.


You won’t have safety gear for yourself and your family lying around. This is why you’ll need to keep your family away from the walls that are being painted. This is especially true for kids as their immune systems are weak so if they inhale paint, they’ll most likely get sick.

Keep Your Pets Locked Up

On a very similar note, you’ll have to assess your pets’ access to your home. They aren’t smart enough to know they shouldn’t be sniffing paint, nevertheless licking it. This is why you’ll need to keep your furry friends locked away until the project is done.

If this an issue, you could have them locked away only until the work is done for the day.

Move Your Furniture

Painting gets very messy. A lot of the time, paint gets on furniture. If you have very expensive pieces around the home, you’re asking for trouble. This is why you need to have the furniture in the area covered thoroughly.

If you can, you could get a hold of plastic sheeting as they would protect your furniture.  If you want to go the extra mile, you could lock the furniture up in a store room until the painting is done. Instead of doing this for all the pieces in the room, you could lock up only the expensive pieces, having the normal ones covered.

Of course:

Depending on who you’re working with, you could reduce the mess made. So, look for professional painters Perth wide instead of novice teams.

Be Careful of Outlets

The outlets in your home are made out of plastic. If you’re not aware, it’s almost impossible to get rid of paint once it’s on a plastic surface. This is why you’ll need to take all the outlets out before the painters get to work.

Otherwise, you’ll have to spend on new outlets and fixtures which can cost you quite a bit.

As you see, there is a range of things you will have to do to prepare your home for the work that is about to take place. So, make note of everything mentioned.




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