Four Important Factors You Must Consider Before Buying Land

We all want to own a block of land all by ourselves, to build our dream house on. However, if you think that gathering enough money for the purchase is all that matters, then you will most likely make a big mistake, and up with a hunk of land that will disappoint you to no end!

To be quite honest, your judgement alone will not be enough to make the most informed decision regarding this, and it is highly advisable to consult experts whenever possible. But, with the pointers provided below, we bring expert advice right to your fingertips to make your investment a successful one.

Zoning Restrictions

It is a must for you to gather information regarding the zoning restrictions applicable to the area before you make any solid financial commitments for the property you are interested in. Different councils have strict policies regarding what the land in a certain area can be used for. Some areas are allocated for residential constructions while others are meant for industrial and commercial buildings.

Even if the property you want to purchase is surrounded by an empty terrain, it might transform into a busy warehouse within a year and that just won’t be the most ideal neighbourhood. Also make sure that the city council does not have any plans to build a highway or some other structure running through the block you’ve chosen.

Know Your Soil

The quality of the soil on which you plan on building you home will have a major impact on the way the structure comes up and overall cost you incur during the project. The cost of building the foundation is certainly a major one and with a not-so-ideal block of soil, this will become a money pit.

Also, the number of earthworks required will be considerably less for a property with healthy soil. To test these factors, you will certainly need the assistance of a professional equipped with the right tools for the job. For example, you’ll need hand augers, compaction testers and soil moisture meters. Once the professionals deem the land fit, you can go ahead and make your decision.

Too Many Trees Are Trouble

You may love the idea of living in a lush land filled with all kinds of trees and shrubs, however, clearing a land over-populated with trees can be a nightmare for the construction workers and for you. Especially if the area is prone to extreme weather conditions, there will always be the risk of trees falling onto your house, which can put the lives of you and your loved in danger.

Removing trees without proper approval from the local governing bodies will bring a world of financial pain your way in the form of fines! Therefore, make it a point to always select a block of land that isn’t full of trees and shrubs.

Access to Utilities

How and at what cost you are getting your essential requirements in the area should be looked into before fixing on a property. Depending on a number of factors, availability and price of gas, electricity and water can vary a lot and you should make the best decision with the long-run in your mind!




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