Foodscaping: A Beautiful and Productive Version of Landscaping

Foodscaping or edible landscaping is a practical way of adding beauty to your yard while providing fresh and organic produce for you and your family. Apart from traditional landscaping that uses flowering plants and shrubs, the choice of plants in edible landscaping ranges from small spices to any fruit and vegetable-bearing plants. There’s no need to get stuck with the boring square planting beds when foodscaping since there are plenty of artistic and interesting ways to achieve it.

For first-timers, it might be overwhelming planning an edible garden. Don’t let this stop you from achieving what you like. Hire professional landscapers North Shore to do the whole thing for you. If you’re curious on which plants to pick, here are the top crop-bearing plants perfect for your landscape.


Blueberry plants have interesting looks all throughout the year. The shrub itself is not too bushy so they don’t look untidy. You get to enjoy the beauty of its blossoms during spring and taste succulent fruits when summer comes. Its foliage turns interestingly colourful during fall making them look attractive even without the blossoms and fruits. Consider planting a shrub or two in your landscape and see the difference.

Dwarf Fruit Trees

If you have a bigger yard area, dwarf fruits trees are a perfect addition to it. There are plenty of fruit-bearing trees that bear beautiful blossoms such as plum, cherry, peach, apple and pear tree. Dwarf fruits trees are perfect to plant along walls, fences or at the corners of your property. Their height is just perfect not to obscure the view of your home.


Strawberries are easy to grow and maintain. Aside from its pretty blossoms, you get to enjoy tasty fruits all throughout its growing season. Their shrubs are small and more clustered making them a perfect edging plant. Plant them around flowerbeds and even around the outside walls of your home to create a simple yet lovely look.

Herbs and Spices

You might be surprised that even herbs and spices can also be used to beautify a garden. Aside from being colourful, you also get to enjoy interesting scents in your garden. It is best to choose spices and herbs that you often use when cooking. Top picks are rosemary, oregano, lavender and thyme but it’s all up to you what to plant. Make them look more aesthetically pleasing by planting them on decorative planters. Don’t forget to add garlic and onions to the scene to ward off critters.


Of course, vegetables are an essential in every edible landscape. You get to enjoy handpicking organic produce straight from your garden when you have these plants around. Tomatoes liven up any space because of its bright red fruits. Eggplants are great to contrast other colours in the garden. Salad greens such as lettuce and kale are perfect in containers or decorative planters to keep them away from critters.

There are actually no rules in planning an edible garden. It’s up to you to experiment and discover which plant options suit your taste.




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