Features That Can Affect The Ambiance Of Your Home

When it comes to our homes we want it to feel nice and comfortable. One of the main things that can affect this is the ambience of your home. This is something that you can easily manipulate. The ambience is like the character and atmosphere of a place and this is usually given by things like the light, colours and so on. When it comes to setting a certain ambience there are quite a few things that you need to play around with and here are some of them which can have a big impact if decorated and used in the right way.

Colours Used In A Room

This is a very important feature in general because colour can have a big impact on our perspective in general. Colours have the power to invoke certain emotions and make us feel certain ways so this is something you can use to set an ambience that you want to. First, start off by establishing a colour palette that goes well with the intended purpose of the room. For example, when it comes to a kitchen warm but subtle colours like beige can be quite suitable. On top of that, the colours you use can also make a room feel big or small. For example, painting your walls white can give the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.

Windows And Light Sources

Apart from colour light in another big factor when it comes to setting the ambience of a room and this is something that you can easily control by means of windows which let natural light in and artificial light. When it comes to windows, not every room will benefit from floor to ceiling windows so using outdoor blinds in certain situations might be your best bet. When considering artificial light you can do a lot with this like using soft light to create a relaxed atmosphere in your living room or using spotlights to highlight certain areas of your living room.

Furniture And Accessories

In any room, furniture is obviously going to be a big part so you need to make sure that you learn how to arrange them in the best way and use the right accessories to set the right mood. For example, using fluffy rugs or throw pillows can give a rather cosy feel to a room whereas well-polished furniture will give a whole different vibe.


This is not something a lot of people pay attention to when doing interior design but it’s something that can be quite effective when it comes to setting the mood. Fragrances can have a big impact on our brain so we can use them to manipulate how we feel in certain rooms.

When it comes to how you feel when you are at home ambience is an important factor. The way a room makes you feel can have a big impact on your emotions and in order to stay happy you need to make them as positive as you can. There are quite a lot of features that you can manipulate in order to do this so use these ideas.




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