Emergency Numbers to Keep Handy When Moving to A New House or Town by Yourself

Your moving homes, and setting up your house in a brand new town. Along with the excitement, you also feel a pinch of nervousness mixed in…which is pretty normal. Here are a few numbers that we feel are a must to keep handy, in case of an emergency in the first few months of moving into a new home by yourself.

A 24/7 Plumbing Service

Every house has its share of repairs and accidents. And while most repairs can keep, like a broken tile or a popped light, some repairs need immediate attention. This is particularly true if these repairs are related to the plumbing, often becoming worse by the hour. If you live in an apartment, get down the number of the repairman for the apartment from the building owner; making it easier for you to directly approach the repairmen, instead of having to go through the building owner. Likewise, if you live by yourself in a rented or leased home, find out from neighbours the contact details of the most efficient 24 hour plumber in Werribee to make life easier on you.

A Few Food Delivery Services

Without a doubt, at least the first weeks of moving into a home can be complicated, making it a little difficult to cook for yourself. Not only do you need to unpack and set up all your kitchen appliances, you also need to buy all the ingredients from scratch. At moments like this, and in countless moments in the future, a food delivery service will be invaluable to you.

A Pharmacy That Does Home Delivery

We are sure that when you lived back at home with your parents, or shared a home with someone else, if you happen to feel ill, those around you would not hesitate to pop by the pharmacy to grab you some medication. However, the situation now is different. If you fall ill, you’ll have to drag yourself to a pharmacy by yourself.

Knowing the telephone number of the closest pharmacy that delivers the medicine home will make life easier on you. Additionally, it’s also important that you stock basic first air at your home at all times, and keep them updated.

A 24/7 Grocery Store

Living by yourself isn’t easy. Not only do you have to work, you also have to run the house; making sure your home is habitable. Having to do time consuming chores like banking or grocery shopping can be annoying at times, as it cuts into the time you’d prefer using more interestingly. Opting to do your grocery shopping online can certainly make this task less annoying.

However, be warned that you are taking a risk here. Most times the vegetables you buy online are not as fresh as you’d like them to be. At the same time, this can be a pretty brilliant idea to tap into only when you’re simply too swamped with other work.

The Contact Details of Your Nearest Relatives or Friends

No matter how independent you want to be, there comes several moments in our lives that we need to reach out and ask for help. While this is easy enough if you live in your home town, or a city that also houses many of your friends, it’s not so easy in a brand-new town where you know no one. Even if you never call them up, keep the contact details of the nearest family member or friend saved clearly in your phone…just in case!




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