Creative Design Ideas for Your Coastal Home Exterior

Owning a house by the beach is everyone’s fantasy as it combines stylish living and boundless leisure into one lavish package. As a family, you will have the perfect escape right next to your residence and as far as designing goes, possibilities are virtually endless.

In this article, we will provide you with a few inspiring design ideas for the exterior of your dwelling by the beach, to transform it into gorgeous space that you’ve always wanted.

Coastal Colours

It is no secret that blue is the archetypical beach theme colour, and the many shades of blue are all great for colouring up your patio space. Use seafoam, turquoise, navy and light blue colours creatively in various sections of the outdoor space to best match the surrounding environment. If the patio space is a little too small for your liking, try painting it white to make it look a lot bigger and more spacious. Top it off with a few brightly coloured windows, couches and furniture to create a cheerful area that will be the favourite of the family and all your guests.

The View Is Everything

Perhaps the biggest luxury of living on the coast is the unbeatable view that will present you with a treat at any hour of the day. From the glorious sunrise of the morning to the starry skies of the night, the view will always steal the show, and you must prioritize on this as much as possible. The railings of the patio or the porch will get in the way of anyone who is trying to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and therefore it’s best if you can remove them altogether to facilitate the best viewing experience.

If you are willing to go the extra mile, literally, and take the house even closer to the sea, consider investing in a pontoon structure that will be a great addition to the outdoor space. To get the best return for your investment, obtain the services of a marine maintenance Gold Coast service provider to give proper care to the structure.

Create Shade

While the gentle warmth of the sun is always desirable, the scorching heat of the summer can sometimes be punishing. This is why you must prepare your outdoor area for both the good and the bad by setting up a sheltered deck that is perfect for having fun outdoors, even when the sun is beating down around you. Chose wood over concrete for your deck because wooden floors tend to have a cooling effect, especially when the outside temperature is too high.

Bigger The Better

When designing an outdoor room, try to maximise the space by joining two separated areas if you must. By adjoining two small spaces, a single spacious area with loads of room to accommodate large crowds and place several stylish furniture can be created. You can segment the room into specific sections in terms of light, colour and purpose. Use garage-style glass doors that can be rolled up instead of conventional wooden doors to better utilize the space and create a seamless feel between the outdoors and the room. 




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