Common House Extension Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There are so many things to consider when planning a house extension. If it is not properly planned and thought of, it becomes a great waste of time and resources. To help you in your home extension planning, here are the common extension mistakes and how to avoid them.

Being Inconsiderate to Neighbours

When planning a house extension, it is important to be considerate to your neighbours especially when they are living nearby your home. There are cases when your extension can affect their home too such as blocking their light to their window. Before starting the building process, make sure to inform them about what will take place to avoid issues and problems later on. Neighbours have the right to take legal action if you haven’t cleared things with each other especially if their home is greatly affected by the home extension project. You will also need to apply for permission later on so it is best if the neighbours are totally fine with the construction.

Rushing the Project

Another huge mistake in house extension is rushing the project. It is normal to get excited with the new look of your home. However, the entire process should be well planned out to avoid costly mistakes and disappointment. Aside from planning, finding a good contractor also takes a lot of time and patience. You need to do a lot of research and filter ones that suit your budget and the project itself. Efficiency building and extensions is one of Melbourne’s best when it comes to extending and beautifying the home that you love.

Being Uncertain on What You Want

Being indecisive is another common mistake in home extensions. First of all, it confuses the builders on what you really want them to do. It makes the construction last longer than the usual because the builders need to adjust to fit the new plan. Aside from that, the project would also cost more than what was originally planned. Create several plans and discuss with your builder what you want to achieve. This helps you focus on what you really want and be certain of your decision.

Setting Unrealistic Ideas

Sometimes, getting too excited in the house extension project gets you carried away and set unrealistic ideas on what you want. Before planning everything out, be calm and think of what you really want to achieve in this project. It is good to aim high but be sure to keep it within range of your budget and capacity. There might be a few bumps along the way but everything will turn out fine if you planned it well.

Doing It by Yourself

There’s nothing wrong with doing a home improvement project by yourself. However, it is still best to hire the right builder especially if you are inexperienced and are not well equipped. This could save you time and resources since you can avoid unnecessary expenses later on.

Proper planning is the best key to avoid these common mistakes. By knowing these common mistakes, you can plan your home extension with lesser problems as possible.




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