Common Garage Door Issues You Need To Fix

Knowing how to troubleshoot your garage door issue is recommended especially since there are some problems and issues that could be fixed easily. Knowing how your garage door works would also make it easier for you to determine whether an issue is something you could do or something best left to professionals for repairs.

Knowing what are the common garage door issues could help you deal with it in the future when you experience it. When you call a professional to fix it for you, you could also properly explain to them what the problems are.

Garage Door Won’t Open

Perhaps the most common among all garage door problems is when it won’t open. There are numerous possible reasons as to why this happens. If your garage door’s mechanism involves a chain, it is probably in need of a lubricant or lube to ensure that the chains would smoothly rotate and act as a pulley to open the garage door. When you do this, make sure that there isn’t any excess as it may be the cause of rust. Garage doors also have trouble opening during winter. When your garage door is acting up, lubricate the rollers since this is what is most affected during the cold season.

Garage Door Won’t Go All The Way Up

If you are sure that the batteries in your remote are newly replaced and you have already applied lubricant, another reason might be is that the torsion spring is broken. This problem is complex and could not be done by someone who is not a professional. Working with the springs is dangerous because these springs are the one that does the heavy lifting of the garage door. These springs could only sustain some open and close cycles before breaking. Replacing them should be done by a professional in tilt garage door repairs and servicing.

Garage Door Is Noisy

When your garage door becomes noisy and there are squeaky noises, it is time for you to tighten some loose hardware. Check the nuts and bolts and see if there is any of the hardware and worn parts that need replacing. Once everything is in order, spray it with lubricants.

Garage Door Won’t Respond To A Wireless Remote

Sometimes the solution to a problem is the simplest one. If your garage door won’t respond to a wireless remote, the battery might already be dead and in need of replacement. Or you need to stand closer to the door for the sensor might not be able to sense the wireless remote and you are out of range. Even a few steps could affect the signal. Perhaps the system also needs to be reset or reprogrammed. Each mechanism for garage doors differs depending on the brand. You could refer to your garage door opener’s manual or do your research.

Net time you do maintenance in your entire home, you have to include your garage door for maintenance. Have a checklist and make sure periodic maintenance of your garage door is properly followed.




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