Common Errors to Avoid When Building Your New Home

Building a home requires quite a bit of thinking, needless to say. Sure, you have a pretty good idea of what you want but have you thought all the angles through? What about family planning- have you accounted for the fact that your family might expand and your house will have to accommodate more people? Will you be having overnight guests if you love playing the role of host/hostess? There are plenty of angles to consider when building a new home so take a look at these common errors and see if you’ve missed anything in the process.

Your HVAC System

Do you want mold growing on your walls and incessant moisture issues? They can be quite costly to see to if you don’t put any proper thought into it beforehand. Also remember that the size of your units’ matter. If too small, you run the risk of them working inefficiently when cooling or heating your home as desired. If too big, it might use up too much energy so this is definitely something worth thinking twice over.


If you don’t put enough thought into your space planning, you run the risk of overcrowding your house and creating an uncomfortable atmosphere. You need enough storage spaces, at the very least you’ll have to include one closet in each bedroom and the main hallway. Think of your storage spaces, closets and furniture placement very early on in the design phase and consider your measurements so you can adjust your plans accordingly, eliminating the risk of that overcrowded feel.

Lack of Consultation

Without proper consultation, you may very well find yourself swimming in deeper waters and encounter issues you had never even thought of head-on. To avoid these unpleasant encounters, consider getting in touch with experienced architects in glen waverley. It’s important that you find an architect that you connect with, someone who understands your vision because they’ll be making this vision a reality. Any clashes will show in the results.

Poorly Lighting

You should have several fixtures in your home! But first, start with your natural light sources. Create windows in every room and make them as big as possible so they can be your main source of light. Then see to adding in your light fixtures and outlets.

Unnecessary Rooms

Is there really any point of taking up space to build an extra room that won’t be used in the first place? Be it a home gym or a play room, if you don’t use these rooms for what they’re intended, they become a dumping ground for other items around the house that should be stored away or donated instead. So, make sure to create versatile rooms that can be used for more than one purpose- your chances of actually using it will drastically increase.

Placement of Rooms

Many people fail to think this one through and the results can be frustrating. For example, a laundry room should be placed close to the bedroom. Bedrooms should be away from central living areas and high traffic to avoid noise. The kitchen should ideally be placed near a back entrance (imagine lugging those groceries through a maze of rooms?) and next to the dining and living areas. Likewise, be very careful when you consider the placement of your rooms.

So how many of these did you get right after all?




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