Choosing Tile Sizes for the Bathroom

When you are renovating your bathroom, there are many things to consider from plumbing to the finishes. In this article, we are looking at how to choose a new tile for your renovation project. There are many tiles that are available in the market so choosing just one can be a difficult process unless you have some guidelines to follow.

You will be able to get an idea for what kind of tiles will go with the new bathroom from Bathroom design Mornington Peninsula as well. When you are working with a reputed bathroom renovation company, they will have a design term in-house that will look at these aspects.     You need to have an idea of the dimensions of the new bathroom and the area that you need for tiling. This will give you an idea of how many tiles to purchase. You also need to consider the style of the tiles to be used. There are many patterns and colours as well as different materials for tiles that are available. Think about what the new layout of the bathroom is going to be like. You can choose the style based on the interior design style that is already in your house so that everything looks seamless. There are minimal style bathroom tiles with one or very few colours or even neutral colours. You can also go for a decorative design in the bathroom if the fittings are ornate as well. Pastel colours look great in bathrooms.

But you need to think about the amount of natural light coming into the bathroom and the size of the bathroom. If you have a particularly small and narrow bathroom, it is best to go for bright and light colours so that it creates an impression of spaciousness. Complicated tile patterns in a small space can make it look crowded. The style of the bathroom will help you narrow down the type of the tiles so that you can choose something that complements the rest of the bathroom. The size of the tile is an important consideration. There are small mosaic tiles to very large tiles that can cover the whole height of the bathroom. Generally, the floor tiles that are mostly used for the floor and walls are 300mm x 300mm and 300mm x 600mm. This is easier to continue the pattern on the wall as well. You will be able to have an elegant look with larger tiles. There are also hexagonal tiles that you can use to create a bit of drama and uniqueness.

You need to think about the maintenance as well. With small tiles, you will have more grooves and this requires more cleaning. When there are fewer seams, cleaning is made easy. You can also have two different types of tile in the bathroom to create a bit of contrast. This is most commonly done by having one type of tile for the shower area and another type for the dry area. You can even choose three different tiles but going above this number can create too many complications and the bathroom can look very crowded and busy. You need to practice some restraint with the design so that there is a unified look. You need to choose the floor tiles before the wall tiles and decide whether to go for an accent wall or not.




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