Are You Tired Of Your House?

Are you tired of your house? I know I was. For 15 whole years I lived in the same home, and don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adored the place. But, as my friends upgraded in life, moving into fancier homes, I started to get tired of my quaint little house’s design. I needed to wake up to something fresh and new, but I couldn’t just buy a new house. It was financially out of the question and I was too attached to my beloved home.

This is a very common problem, a lot of us homeowners have been there. And I’m guessing you have as well. I mean isn’t that why you’re here, reading this article right now? Don’t worry, I fixed the problem. Now, it’s like I live in a brand-new house. Thankfully, I did it at an extreme fraction of buying another home.

I’ll tell you all the things I did to refurbish and revamp my house. I was happy, and you’ll be happy too. Hopefully, my tips and tricks will be as helpful to you as they were to me.

You Need Some New Doors, Trust Me

People often say that windows make the house. I think they’re wrong, very wrong- Doors obviously make the house into what it is. Do you see where I’m going with this? Change your doors up. I contacted a local business,profile doors. I said goodbye to my old ones and hello to a cascade of uber chic, rich doors that really beefed up the house, making it seem so luxurious. I was very much in love. I couldn’t believe this was my old home.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint Is Everything

Not many people realize how drastic of a difference just changing the colour of your walls can do to your home. My walls were all a plain white. It felt monotonous and sometimes even affected my mood. I’m guessing you know what I did next. I grabbed the richest colours I could think of (that looked good together of course) and painted my walls.

I’m not crazy. I didn’t paint each wall a different colour, but what I did was; for example, in my bedroom I chose a colour scheme of blue and green. I painted most of the walls in the room a nice, deep blue while I kept a few of the walls a vibrant orange as an accent to add a much-needed pop of colour. This continued into each and every room. However, I chose to stick with a colour scheme throughout.

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OK, New Furniture?

Some new furniture can be a bit expensive. I know, but if you can’t do that you could always just get your current items refurbished and varnished. rather than just buying new things, that’s what I certainly did.

New plants in nice pots also help to liven the vicinity up. Before, I barely had any plants inside, now I have so many.

Wasn’t that simple? Ok. Get to work!




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