All You Need To Know About Mid Century Modern Décor

The 50’s and the 60’s are somewhat a very inspirational and transitional period in many trends pertaining to interiors, fashion, arts, cinema, music, the list can go on and on. Most of this inspiration remains highly popular even the in the contemporary times.

The timeless love for mid-century modern style in the field of interior design, is one of those areas that are still in use and continues to provide inspiration and function as it was in the past. These designers and their creations are idolized to date.

Keep on reading to know more about this timeless style that can adorn your homes at any given time.

How It All Began

Organic, clean, love for different materials and gentleness are few words to describe a mid-century modern style. This period roughly started from the mid-1930’s and continued through the 60’s. But making the style throughout time.

The birthplace of this style is said to be in America which was based on Bauhaus style which originated in Germany and was brought into America due to the migration of designers and architects as Germany became politically volatile. At the end of Second World War, people began to look for something new in everything. The need to move on and find a new life paved way for economic and technological advancement bringing in a much more urbanized population in America. As a result, modern homes built by architects such as Josef Eichler inspired the mid-century modern style.

Features, Colours and Materials

A more liberal use of materials was seen during this period and the most highlighted features of this style is a very classic look with clean lines and minimalistic efforts. A special focus is placed on the functionality of the design. The use of materials was used for its own uniqueness. Meaning plastic was used for its own than copying from wooden designs. And a colour was explored from neutral to bold. Black and white were used for graphical purposes.

Designers of Mid-Century Modern Design

Many notable designers of this era have been highly sort after for their work and continue to inspire modern trends. The original pieces of furniture are still being copied and made into highly marketable furniture at present times.

From notable furniture companies such as Herman Miller and Knoll continue to draw inspiration from their creators such as George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames. The post-war period brought in many notable designers to the US and they managed to create signature pieces which are unique and highly inspired to date. People like Arne Jacobsen created chairs including ant, swan and egg chair, which inspired the hanging egg chair outdoor and indoor friendly design.

How to Furnish Your Home with Mid-Century Modern Design

Authentic pieces can cost you a fortune and might not fully serve a purpose unless you get one significant piece which will make a huge difference in your style. But still, pieces of this era are continued to be restored on popular demand.

The best option would be to go for a replica of the designs. Some of the most popular designs have been copied and adapted to suit present day markets and you can always opt to buy one or two pieces for a lower budget.




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