Affordable Ways Small Businesses Can Build a Sterile Room

Businesses in the biotech, food processing, agriculture, and research areas may require to build sterile rooms for various industrial purposes. Sterile rooms can be quite complex to design because these areas require a number of safety precautions to prevent contaminants from getting in or out.

The cost of building a sterile room can be quite hefty. Most of the cost will go towards acquitting highly technical materials required to keep the area well enclosed from the outside environment. Sometimes, specialised technical consultations may also inflate costs of building sterile rooms. In minor cases, businesses may invest too heavily in facilities that surpass the needs of the company.

Small businesses, in particular, may struggle to build clean rooms in a cost effective manner. If your company falls into this category, here are some suggestions for keeping overall costs down:

Choose the Right Type of Sterile Room for Your Industry

Sterile rooms can differ based on the ISO classification. The rooms are categorized based on the ability to restrict particles from entering. Different industries will require different types of sterile rooms. A medical lab, for example, would most likely require a room that can restrict particles to the max capacity. The cost of building the room will be based on the type your company needs. Therefore, choose the right type of room to avoid overpaying for a product with features your small business has little need for.

A Modular Design can Save Your Business Money

Sterile rooms can also differ based on the design. Custom design stick-built labs are flexible and can meet specific requirements. However, modular cleanroom systems are the best for flexibility, versatility, and affordability. These rooms can be assembled and disassembled based on needs. This type doesn’t require any specialised material that sometimes drives up the cost of design.

Choose a Local Supplier

Using a local supplier and a sub-contractor for the project can save your company thousands of dollars in money. Local contractors would offer reasonable prices in line with the norm in your region. Also, everything will be nearby, cutting down on transportation costs. Unlike fancy overseas designers, your business can avoid expensive consulting costs as well. Local supplier can also offer warranties that are perfectly enforceable in your area. Customer support will be easy to access as well. The only good reason to choose a non-local supplier is only if there are no local contractors that can meet your company’s specific demands.

Use Standardised Components

One of the primary reasons why sterile room costs get so high is because of using non-standard components in construction. It’s tempting to choose non-standard parts when custom designing a sterile room. But if budget is a major concern, the best option here is to go with standardized parts, unless a specific function requires a tailor-made special part. If you choose to build a modular cleanroom, then you will naturally be using standardized parts that keep the costs down.

Small businesses should carefully balance meeting business requirements with budget restrictions when building sterile rooms. Use the above suggestions to keep overall costs down during such a complex project.





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