A Helpful Guide to Brick Drilling

Bricks can give your interior a nice old-fashioned and rustic look. People often have the misconception that brick walls restrict your freedom to decorate because of how tough they are to drill into. On the contrary it is easy to do, meaning that you can display your photos and paintings and even mount a large TV to watch your favourite movies on.

Before you pick up your phone to dial your local drilling expert, we’re about to show you how you can do it yourself. So here are some easy-to-follow steps and tips to help you drill through your brick wall:

Before You Begin

Before you get started there’s something to consider: do you drill through the brick or the mortar? The fact of the matter is that it varies, depending on your situation. For instance, if your wall consists of bricks that are very old, you might want to drill the mortar instead, especially if the size of the holes required is on the larger side. Newer bricks however hold up much better than mortar.

Collect the Right Tools

Your attempt is only going to be a success if you have the right tools for the job. In addition to the essentials such as protective wear and a tape measure, you’ll definitely want the right kind of drill bit for brick. Otherwise, you’ll either end up damaging your wall or not have enough power to bore holes through it.

Furthermore, you’ll also want to keep cleaning tools like a mop or dustpan handy so you can take care of the brick dust that piles up on your floor. Also if you’re sensitive to or allergic to dust then we recommend that you wear an appropriate mask before you begin drilling.

Mark the Location

Before you drill, you want to mark the positions as accurately as possible. Otherwise you’re going to have unused holes in your wall that will need to be filled afterwards. The best thing to do is to hold the item you’re going to hang against the wall and then mark the position of the hook or mount with a piece of chalk or pencil.

After fixing a small drill bit into place, you want to get it going at a steady speed. Hold the drill with both hands and ease the bit into the marked position on the wall. Make sure you keep the drill at a perfect right angle to the wall because otherwise the item you hang may not be rest in the proper position.

Once you’ve managed to get enough depth, replace the small bit with a larger one and continue drilling. The drill bit sizes should depend on the item you intend to hang on the wall.

Mount the Item

Before you screw in the anchor or mount for the item, you definitely want to vacuum any dust inside the drilled hole. This will ensure that the anchor is fixed perfectly to the wall. Having screwed that in, you will now be able to hang your decorative item.

Clean Up Afterwards

After all that’s done, you want to vacuum the dust off of the walls and the floor. Sometimes dust can get on your clothes so it is best that you change them right away and showering is also generally recommended.





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