6 Ideas For A Beautiful Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can be a beautiful creation and the most prominent focal point in the room. But its uses are not only limited to being a stunning centerpiece- it is also a commodity that adds much needed functionality and efficiency to the kitchen if designed right. An island tends to take up plenty of space so you’ll want to approach this with proper planning and think of all the steps you can take to make an impact. Here are some essential design elements you can make use of to make simply the best kitchen island your kitchen can support.

Design Type

First think about what kind of design you’re going for. What features can you add to enhance the space and add more modern appeal? What does your kitchen lack? If it’s storage space, then you’ll actively look to build up your storage capacity. If you live in a small home and lack a proper designated space for your kitchen and dining room, you’ll want to consider additional seating. Likewise outline everything your space specifically needs.

Counter Space

You can use an island to significantly increase your counter space and we all know how much extra counter space can make the difference between a good cooking experience and a frustrating one. You’ll have more room for your meal prep, allow more helpers in the kitchen and also use the counters to eat! A way to up your kitchen’s design is to use a different material or color for your island counters than what you’ve used in the rest of the room. Contact the best in the business to get your countertops done fast and cost-effectively.


Whether you lack dining table space or you simply want to create a bar-like effect that will draw guests to socialize in the kitchen, adding seating options to your kitchen is a great way to increase its functionality. By creating a counter overhang, you’ll be able to store your chairs away when not in use as well.


You can make use of your countertops to install appliances as well, like a sink or stovetop. This is a tricky installation however, that requires some planning beforehand. For example, more attention will have to be paid to ventilation, plumbing as well as finding space to fit in-cabinet piping. So once again you’ll want to stick to highly reputed professionals.


By designing a multi-level island you give your kitchen more of an interesting visual dynamic. You can create two different spaces entirely within your island- one for food prep and the higher level for eating and socializing. It will almost look like a bar!


An island is a great way to make use of more storage space. You can install open shelves to store cookbooks or other items you’d like to show off and make use of multiple drawers and cabinets to store away your pots and pans that you use frequently. This is a great way to add more complexity, depth and functionality to your kitchen.

Keep these 6 ideas in mind when you’re looking at creating the most beautiful kitchen island!




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