5 Tips to Maintaining a Commercial Oven

Running an industrial kitchen is no easy task. The appliances you use are very expensive, including your oven. Everything discussed below would help you take care of the appliance the best. Read ahead.

Daily Cleanings

Several dishes are going in and out of your oven a day. If you don’t clean its insides everyday, a lot of crumbs would build up. You’re advised to at least clean its interior once a day.

Create a schedule for cleaning times to ensure you get the job done. One tip would be to do the cleaning in the evening so that the oven’s doors can be left open to dry overnight.

Let’s talk about how bad crumbs collecting can be. The food debris could burn when cooking. This does not only create smoke that would affect the taste of whatever’s inside, but the crumbs could catch on fire. A new oven might have to be bought then.

The racks would have the most food residue. Place them in hot water with soap to get rid of any grease that also may be there.


Just like you would with a fridge, you need to make sure that the seal on your oven door is fine. If it’s damaged, the door won’t shut properly. This’ll cause heat to escape when cooking. You’ll be pumping the heat up and overworking the appliance. An oven with a seal that’s damaged would also cause high energy bills.

You can keep the seal intact by closing the door gently. You can tell if the seal is compromised by touching around its door and feeling hot air escape.


A new commercial oven is going to be expensive. The best tip to get yours to last a while is to get an expert to regularly do maintenance work. You don’t need someone coming in often. Maybe 2-3 times a year is enough. To make sure you don’t waste your cash, you’d hire someone that’s well-reputed. Look for commercial oven repair service in Melbourne.


Just like you should check for any crumbs that have collected, you should check for grease build-ups too. Your oven most likely has an exhaust fan and fan motor. They’re the most common places grease would be. Airflow would be restricted if there is a build-up.

Thankfully, there is going to be a lot of information on how you can prevent grease collecting on the appliance’s manual guide.

Adjust Your Thermostat

If you run an industrial kitchen, your oven will be on a lot. It frequently being on means that its thermostat’s calibration may be off. You’d not be able to cook that well as the accuracy of its heating element would be wrong. Every 3-4 months, place a thermometer inside and turn the heat on. See if there’s a disparity in the readings.

Final Thoughts

Let’s wrap everything up. Commercial ovens can be very expensive. The best tip to maintain the ovens is the place to get someone to regularly check them. They can come in at least 3-4 times a year. Make sure there are no crumbs or grease inside the oven. They could burn and cause issues with ventilation.




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