5 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Deck

There’s nothing quite like spending a Sunday out with the family, just enjoying the breeze and the calmness in the air. But then again nothing sets the mood to relax like a beautiful deck to lounge about on. A well-made deck would not only be welcoming and pretty on the eyes, but it would also be incredibly durable and able to last for a good 20 years or so! If your deck is starting to look a little under the weather then maybe it’s time to start considering renovations!


Renovations is a perfect time to reconsider your materials. Choosing a material is an important decision- definitely not one to be taken lightly so you have to do your research. If you skimped out on this before, you’re probably seeing your deck undergo an early death because the wood wasn’t the most durable choice on the market. Your decking, especially when considering wood decks, should ideally be made out of a material that would require the least amount of maintenance while simultaneously being the most durable. To save you trouble, check out bamboo flooring in Geelong. It will surely meet the requirements!

Flashing Tape

Sometimes you have to put in a little extra effort if you want to see better results. If you want to ensure that your deck remains structurally sound without a hitch, then you should definitely invest in flashing tape. When removing the decking boards, you’ll be confronted with pressure treated wood. By attaching flash tape to the joints, you create a barrier between the boards you’ll be placing back on top. You’ll also be preventing any dreaded moisture from being trapped- and we all know how this can be detrimental to wood so this tape is definitely your saving grace.

New Railings

Most people tend to focus so much on the deck that they forget these important supporting frames- the railings and posts. Chances are if your deck has been through a lot and is starting to show signs of structural damage then your railings are probably at risk too. When investing in a new railing, always remember to focus on how sturdy the material is rather than its price. This is more of a long term investment and you don’t want to keep spending every time there’s bad weather and harsh winds bending your support frames.


Don’t forget that if you’re going to renovate, now is as good a time as any to expand your deck. It’s far easier on the wallet to build on to your current deck rather than tear everything down and start anew. And if you’re a homeowner that has an elevated deck, you can instead install a staircase down to a lower deck, which will be quite useful for all those outdoor gatherings and parties.

Ambient Lighting

Are you looking for a way to add a luxury feel to your deck? Make it look straight out of the movies with this simple trick- ambient lighting. Use a warmer, soft light and place your fixtures under the railings and on the posts. This will easily give your deck a romantic ambiance.

These are 5 important things to consider when renovating your deck that will definitely improve the outcome!




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