5 Important Tips for Using Your Washing Machines

Clothes, clothes and clothes. They are a basic need in all of our lives. Each piece of clothing in your closet   requires a special way to wash and dry. Otherwise, it will come out looking like it belongs in the rubbish bin. Yikes! Washing machines are a must have in every house hold. You need to get that gunk, sweat and muck out of your clothes, so you can finally wear a fresh set on another day.

However, using a washing machine is not always easy. There are many buttons, options and things that could go wrong if you do not know how to follow the instructions properly. Don’t sweat it! Here are some tips to help you out when using your washing machine to do your laundry:

1.      The Correct Temperature

Choose the correct water temperature for certain laundry loads. When you have a bunch of soft and delicate clothes or dark colours, cold water is the most suitable. The cold will prevent dark colours from bleeding on to other clothes. On the other hand, hot water is more suited for white cotton clothing, work wear, fabrics with moderate stains, towels and bedding.

Also note that if you have been using the washing machine for a while, getting the right temperature over time could turn out to be a slow and cumbersome process. To avoid this, get repairs done by professionals in the business. For instance, if you are from Melbourne or the suburbs, Arrive on Time can repair your washing machine and you will have it working as if it’s brand new!

2.      Correct Detergents

Most people tend to go for the most inexpensive options when purchasing detergents. If you want your clothes fresh and shiny, choosing the right detergents are key. Powder detergents are cheaper and work well with large loads but will leave white residue on your clothes. Liquid detergents are the best for removing stains. The most convenient detergents to use are single pods and packs. But, if you really need to cut costs, there are a plenty of online recipes for home-made detergents you could try out.

3.      Remove Stains Fast

The best way to remove stains is to be quick. As soon as you have noticed the stain, run to your laundry room! Rinse and soak the clothing in freezing water, mix some stain remover and toss it into the washer. The faster you do this, the higher the chance of you getting back a stainless piece of clothing.

4.      No More Bleeding

To avoid colours bleeding on your white clothes, separate the colours and the whites. If you want to find out if some of your clothes could bleed through, do a rub a wet cotton swab on the seam and check for any dye. If there is any colour then you know it should not be mixed in with the rest of the clothes.

5.      No More Fading, Shrinking or Stretching

Washing machines can fade out your clothes rapidly. To avoid the worn-out look, you can turn your darker clothes inside out. This will cause dullness on the inside rather than the outside. Moreover, clothes can get smaller or stretch due to how they are washed. The most effective ways to curtail these two issues are to utilize cold water, avoid too much stirring and chuck it into the hot dryer.

Keep your clothes protected, clean and fresh by using these tips.




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