5 Criteria to Keep In Mind When Starting a Residential Improvement Business

Most home improvement contractors are called handymen for short. They are individuals who perform renovations and other refurbishments of a home for clients on a contractor basis. You will find that you have flexible work times and the autonomy of working for yourself if you pursue a career as a home improvement contractor. In order to begin work, you will have to take up some key factors such as accumulating experience in this specific industry such as home construction, learning skills in business administration and customer relationship. The brief guide below will highlight some of the important considerations that you must learn in order to get started.

Accumulate Plenty of Work Experience

As someone who is going to freelance and start their own business, it is vital to gain as much experience in the related field of work. Especially as a home improvement contractor, you will have to handle almost every aspect of a renovation project as the field is diverse. The best way to prepare for this type of enormous expectation is to get as much experience as you can work in different areas of residential construction. Some examples for this are doing roof repairs Brighton, working as a carpenter for a large firm or being an assistant to an established contractor. Aim to accumulate at least 5 years of relevant experience before you start on your own.

Consider a Formal Education

There are several educational programs that are specially made for fields such as construction. Pursuing a degree program or getting a diploma in a related field will significantly improve your credentials. It will immensely help you build a network of people in the same field and interests. Some options that you can consider are construction management or a certificate diploma in a building trade. Other classes to consider enrolling include accounting, marketing, and entrepreneurship as this will help your understanding of the management of a business and make it thrive.

Incorporation of Your Business

Of course, at the onset, it is important to formally create the business by incorporating it with your state. This is usually a straightforward process that involves filling out some documentation and paying a fee.  A limited liability company is usually the ideal structure for a business of this nature. This particular structure helps protect your personal assets and offers favourable taxes as a business.

Obtain the Necessary Licenses

Many jurisdictions and states require an independent home improvement contract to obtain the builder’s license and have them regularly renewed. You can obtain this license typically through completion of an exam on construction and business law.

Getting the First Clients

Marketing your business is the way that you can get your first few clients albeit a challenging task. Some ways you can easily do this however, is by making your business known to the local community as much as you can, for example; through ads in newspapers and phone books. Email coupons and flyers to your known network of people. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool so when you obtain your first few customers, make sure to encourage them to recommend your work to others.


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