4 Steps to Consider When Building a Garage in Your Home

A garage is an ideal space to park your car, store home items or use as a workshop. Garage spaces are shelters that are separate from your home and can be used in so many different ways. Hence the features of the garage need to be planned carefully so that it can be used for maximum functionality. Create a blueprint at the beginning, and then use this to get a building permit if you haven’t already. Next step is to begin construction and inspect the processes as the project progresses. Here are a few steps that you need to look in to when constructing a garage at your home.

Identify the Boundaries of Your Property

Although, it may be obvious that you know your own property boundaries, there will be more details that you can find out on the exact boundary markings if you go through your property deed. These property lines can limit you in where you place your shelter. Stepping outside to find these boundaries by using the landmarks on your property will be helpful in identifying how exactly to place your garage. In case your property deed is not available to you then your local zoning department will have a map with your property lines.

Picking the Right Spot for the Garage

You will have to spend some time thinking about the type of shelter you want to have. If it is going to park a car, then the garage will have to be accessible and place it close and next to your home. On the other hand, if it this space is going to be used for another purpose, then you can have this shelter the back of your home and give it an entirely different design to your home. Well, Home carport designs differ from the functionality and the location of the space so you may need to spend time on determining what features you want in your garage. In addition, the local regulations and the space available will affect the location of your shelter.

Measure the Space You Have Available and Design

Measure the property lines and know the boundaries so that it will not interfere with your construction. Mark the maximum amount of space you have and how much you will need to set aside for your garage space. These measurements will help architects or contractors estimate a rough cost and design. Most modern garages are attached directly to the home for easy access. These tend to be a little more expensive however as you will need to spend time identify the openings and installing the necessary entry doorways. Some other factors include considering the roofing and electrical requirements of both your home and garage spaces to connect.

Detached Garage

Depending on your requirement, the next design would be to construct a detached garage and while this is often cheaper, it may require additional space away from your home to build. These shelters however offer more creativity in construction so you can make it more functional according to your purpose. For example; addition of storage shelves if it used for storing items.




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